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Master Upfitter

As a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van specialist since 2010, HQ Custom Design is a proud certified member of the Daimler Vans Master Upfitter program. All of our custom Sprinter and Metris builds demonstrate our expertise and dedication in building safe, reliable and durable vehicles that meet the stringent standards of Mercedes-Benz. Our multitude of different floorplans allow us to offer our clients build flexibility in order to create vehicle solutions catered to our clients’ specific needs. As a Master Upfitter, all of our custom Metris’ or Sprinters conversions can be ordered by contacting a local Mercedes-Benz dealership. With our ever expanding network of Mercedes-Benz dealerships, we can help you find the proper vehicle chassis to serve your precise conversion needs.

Customers can choose between conducting a reserved logistics chain through a Mercedes dealership or take a personalized approach by using our in-house team’s expert consulting services.All of our Metris and Sprinter conversions fall under Mercedes-Benz warranties of a 3 year or 36,000 miles, in conjunction with HQ’s own personal warranty on all of our conversions. Before scheduling a vehicle service repair with a third party, HQ encourages all clients to reach out to us first to assess the issues. Depending on the situation, we can schedule a repair at our Tri-State facility in north New Jersey, or connect you with a member of trusted network of upfitters and body specialists. We’ll recommend the proper course of action needed to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. We offer financing on all our custom builds, which can come directly through HQ or with the financing options offered by Mercedes-Benz.

HQ’s extensive portfolio of builds demonstrates our hands-on approach; we treat the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Metris as blank canvases, and work with each client to create travel environments that will be a valuable assets for their day-to-day lives with a number of amenities to select from ranging from rear lavatories and kitchenettes to wheelchair accessible lifts and interior accommodations. We work with corporations, limousine companies, fleet managers, and small businesses to transform a vehicle into a mobile office workspace, marketing showroom, shuttle bus / people mover, or as a commercial/utility service that goes direct to consumers. While our private clients, looking to add a personal touch of luxury have options including exotic wood trimming, European leather upholstery, private jet retractable tables, multimedia skyroof displays and home theatre surround sound systems.

All of this, coupled with our in-house engineering and meticulous craftsmanship allow us to create unique and specialized vehicles. We encourage all of our clients to be active participants in the build process and want them to feel free to contact with us any questions regarding their build. We are always as we are more than happy to share our expertise and explore innovative conversion concepts.