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CoachLiner Edition

Our exclusive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter CoachLiner Edition provides a versatile and affordable solution for a people mover or shuttle busing. HQ combines the amenities and comforts that passengers expect with our unparalleled focus on safety, efficiency and reliability.

The CoachLiner can fit between 15 to 17 passengers, and aims to make even the shortest of commutes a pleasant experience. Please view our printable PDF for a detailed list of standard and additional options for a CoachLiner build.

The CoachLiner features luxurious ultra leather seating with recline and self-leveling armrests, along with elevated rear seating. Side Steps and grab pole beside the sliding door allow for convenient entrances and exits from the vehicle. Center aisle configuration within the cabin offers a spacious and maneuverable environment. The CoachLiner cabin is composed of high-grade, non-slip rubber flooring with LED lighting throughout. The rear cargo partition maximizes trunk space in order to provide additional luggage storage. If this build is implemented on a 3500 Mercedes Sprinter chassis (with super singles 10140 GVWR and over), an emergency window and ceiling hatch are required, as per DOT regulations.

Each CoachLiner can be upfitted to include additional amenities, such as front seat recovers for the driver and rear passengers. Each chair includes 110V AC and USB outlets. Overhead luggage racks with optional AC systems, LEDs and speakers installed above each row of chairs offers additional storage capacity and easier access to passengers’ belongings. If passengers want extra entertainment, we can install a 32” bulkhead TV enclosed laminate finished cabinet with speakers and a DVD / Blu-Ray player. Other options for CoachLiner exterior include a driveshaft loop, hub caps and a tail-pipe extension.

Please view the ‘Features / Floor Plan’ for a list of standard and additional options, or call us at 201-592-6939 or email us at for inquires and more information.


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