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VIP Edition Cadillac Escalade

As the ultimate in personalized luxury, the VIP Edition delivers  a first-class travel experience that is rivaled only by private charters. Each element is tailored specifically to meet  our clients’ needs. We provide a refined intersection between business and pleasure through the ultimate in state-of-the-art components and relaxation amenities.

Customized based on client specifications, the VIP Edition provides a personalized travel experience. HQ’s a wide array of floor plans and configurations will ensure  that your vehicle will meet your every need.

The VIP Edition’s captain chairs are built in-house and custom upholstered in the finest of European leathers. HQ features seating options ranging from aviation to BMW and Mercedes Maybach styled. Motorizations range from leg lifts and half-back recline to thigh and lumbar support, as well as memory, heating element, and vibrating massage features. 

From the walls to the ceiling, the VIP Edition features a complete suede / European leather wrapped interior, complemented by wood trim on the valances, partition, and retractable private jet-inspired tables. The inclusion of electrical window shades and partition wall for driver and passenger separation provide our clients with total privacy. Electrostatic glass and an intercom options are offered to enable communication between cabins. Flooring choices range from teak wood to European wool carpeting. As for the ceiling, options include an exclusive sky roof multimedia ceiling, illuminated ‘Maybach’, a diamond-patterned stitched, or suede roof. 

The VIP Edition also has an assortment of electronics designated for both work and play, including a cabin Wi-Fi router, 4K UHD display, video game console, DVD / Blu-Ray player, PC system, and Apple TV. Furthermore, HQ offers audiophile sound systems featuring front and rear speakers, subwoofers, and separate amplifiers for high quality 5.1 Dolby home theater surround sound audio. An HQ exclusive touch-control panel with personalized interface allows passengers to modify all of the cabin’s amenities and technological components from a single location. A front bar and drawer refrigerator are enclosed within the front partition, in the event that passengers desire a quick bite or drink mid transit. Exterior options for selection range from electrical side steps, custom wheels and tires. 

Please view the ‘Features and Floorplan’ to find components and options for a VIP Edition: Cadillac Escalade build. Call us at 201-592-6939 or email us at for inquires and more information.


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