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Professional Vehicles

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HQ is committed to transforming a vehicle’s space to fit the unique needs and specifications of your business. This is done in order to make your work-space completely mobile and bring your business directly to your clientele. Our design approach is to treat the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Ford Transit van as empty canvases, enabling us to offer a wide assortment of different floor plans and formats that are tailored specific to the needs of an individual business.Our

Professional Vehicles are able to be integrated and utilized by numerous businesses and industries for various different purposes such as: showcasing new products and services, consolidation of employee work time and commutes, express servicing of clientele and community members, as well as vehicles used by utility companies and the service industry.

Interior Features

Front driver partition 
Driver side cabinet with sink and faucet 
Rear cargo partition
Slot wall system
Complete new interior
Window shades
Customer toilet, urinals and sinks installation
Wood flooring with heavy duty rubber surface

Exterior Features

Side awning
Motorized side steps
Rear step


Victron power inverter 3000 Watt
12V high duty, high capacity battery 
Wiring, fuses, outlets and circuit breakers 
LED lighting
Ceiling exhaust fan
Wabasto diesel heater
Shore power plug with installation
110V outside outlets
30 gallon water tank
Water pump
Expansion tank
Complete PEX water supply lines
Sewer lines
5 gallon tank
Water dispenser pump 





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