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Escalade / SUVs

Cadillac Escalade Luxury

Whether utilized for productivity or relaxation, the Grand Edition exhibits offers an elegant and private atmosphere for practical usage by family members, friends and colleagues alike. Its various floor plans and layouts allow a clients to craft a unique vehicle to meet their travel needs.

Designed for all types of usage, this model is the epitome of  balance between comfort and productivity. Featuring a wide host of electronics, luxurious comforts and beautiful aesthetics while relaxing with friends or conducting business with colleagues.

Interior Features

New side paneling with storage and cup holders
Upholstered interior panels 
Full door to door carpeting
Middle console
Front bar 
Mercedes S-class drop down mirrors 
Aviation styled retractable table
Partition with motorization 
Complete front reupholster 
Floor mats with non-slip rubber backing 
Dark window tinting 
Complete sound and heat insulation 
2" floor lowering

Seating & Upholstery

BMW styled primary passenger seating:
  • Factory seating
  • Massage
  • Cooling
  • Leg-lift system

Interior Lighting

Interior lighting package:
  • Overhead lighting
  • LED seal and enterance lighting


Separate DVD / Blu-Ray player for rear cabin entertainment 
Intercom system
iPod docking station
HQ touch-panel controls for audio / video
5.1 12 component Dolby digital audio system with separate amplifiers and sub-woofers 


Electrical wiring 
Power inverter
110V / USB outlets
Additional alternator and battery 
Relocation of AC / heating control
Cooler on the left side panel

Wood Trim

Customized burl wood: 
  • Middle trim
  • Partition
  • Console tops





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