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Plug Door Shuttles

With the ability to fit between 11 - 19 passengers, HQ utilizes a European-style plug / portal door to maximize interior space and to provide an optimal amount of comforts and amenities expected by passengers.

Plug Door Shuttles come in a wide variety of floor plans and configurations to ensure that your vehicle will meet your every need. These shuttles can be utilized by universities, limousine companies, medical transports, and as hotel / airport shuttles.

Our captain and coach chairs are upholstered in luxurious ultra leather with various distinct seat designs and patterns available to choose from. Each chair includes self-leveling armrests and a half-back recline, along with front seat recovers for the driver aisle and rear passengers. Center aisle configuration within the cabin space offers a spacious environment for passengers. We offer flooring options consisting of wood, carpeting and reinforced high-grade, non-slip rubber. HQ offers various types of window shades from blinds to European-style for a discreet environment throughout transit. Exclusively developed rear cargo partition wall provides enhanced luggage space by maximizing the trunk space of the vehicle. The European-style plug door provides a wide and spacious entrance with illuminated LED lighting and a grab pole.

Overhead luggage racks with options of AC system, LEDs and speakers come in various models to offer added storage capacity and easier access to belongings. Each row of seating includes a set of 110V AC and USB outlets for the ability to charge mobile devices while in transit. If passengers require entertainment, we can include a 32” bulkhead TV enclosed laminate finished cabinet with speakers and a DVD / Blu-Ray player. Likewise, a drawer refrigerator is provided in case passengers need to chill a beverage or store food while traveling. An emergency window and ceiling hatch are required for DOT regulations, if this build is implemented on 3500 Mercedes Sprinter chassis with super singles 10140 GVWR and over, which can be incorporated on a smaller Sprinter chassis if preferred. Additional options for Shuttle exterior consist of driveshaft loop, hub caps and a tail-pipe extension.

Please view the ‘Features / Floor Plan’ or attached marketing materials to find detailed list encompassing standard components for a Plug Door Shuttle build, along with a number of additional options available upon request. Call us at 201-592-6939 or email us at for inquires and more information.


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