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Professional Vehicles

HQ is committed to transforming a vehicle’s space to fit the unique needs and specifications of your business. This is done in order to make your work-space completely mobile and bring your business directly to your clientele. Our design approach is to treat the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Ford Transit van as empty canvases, enabling us to offer a wide assortment of different floor plans and formats that are tailored specific to the needs of an individual business.

Our Professional Vehicles are able to be integrated and utilized by numerous businesses and industries for various different purposes such as: showcasing new products and services, consolidation of employee worktime and commutes, express servicing of clientele and community members, as well as vehicles used by utility companies and the service industry.

Our line of professional vehicles includes, but is not limited to different types of mobile offices, pathology and medical laboratories, fenestration showrooms, mobile tire changing stations, movie production / photography studios, mobile command centers, salon / makeup studios, surveillance vehicles, libraries / book mobiles, mobile  barber shops, dog grooming, adventure / RV vehicles, plumbing and retail showrooms. All in all, we encourage business owners to have active involvement in the build process to ensure each nook and crevice is being used optimally.

HQ is able to assist your purchase of the proper vehicle chassis with our expanding network of dealerships. Financing is offered on all of HQ’s custom conversions, as are 3 year (or 36,000 mile) warranties.  In every situation, HQ takes a client-first approach. This means that if a vehicle requires any form of servicing, HQ makes it our first priority. We’ll get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Visit our galleries to view images and detailed descriptions of each individual build, and please call us at 201-592-6939 or email us at for inquires and more information.

Mobile Media Studios - Movie Production

Our mobile media studio conversions are upfitted to include storage for various photography/ movie production equipment, as well as provide a comfortable setting for producers and crew members to edit footage mid shooting.

Medical Laboratories

Our mobile laboratories and medical vehicles are outfitted to hold work desk, cabinet space and various specialized equipment and devices. HQ works with our clients to install equipment properly and provide al the necessary amenities and comforts.

Mobile Office - Command Center

HQ's Command Center conversion features an assortment of features consisting of side overhead cabinets, office chairs, computer monitors for a corporate workspace environment. With additional options including rear TV display, scanner and dry erase board.

Adventure Vans / RVs

For those seeking an RV / Adventure van, HQ provides a handful of interior accommodations such as rear restroom / lavatory, kitchenette, bi-fold sofa, dual sofa / bed, and J-seat couch. Options for electronics include refrigerator, TV display, microwave oven and coffee machine.

Utility Vehicles

Our line of Utility Vehicles are outfitted to be a durable asset used by utility companies and the service industry. Work with each of client to ensure proper installation of specialized equipment and to create a mobile workspace.

Mobile Showroom - Fenestration Studio

HQ's portfolio of Mobile Showrooms are able to be utilized by number of different businesses as a key marketing asset to demonstrate their services or showcase new products. We work with each client to ensure their vehicle matches their business needs.